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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Core Elements located and is there parking?
We are located on the side of the 750 Main Street Building in Winchester. We have a parking lot down behind the building. To get there, use the driveway between 750 Main Street (the ReMax building) and Lane Funeral Home. There is also plenty of street parking, or parking in the back of the stores on the other side of Main Street. The entrance is a glass door 1/2 way up the hill.  We are located on the 2nd floor.

What do I need to bring with me to class?

All you need is a yoga mat and comfy workout clothes. Barre classes are usually taken barefoot. Feel free to bring a water bottle into the studio, and definitely bring a sense of humor.
What is Core Conditioning and why is it a good workout?
Core Conditioning is a total body-conditioning, Pilates-based workout that seeks to build flexibility, strength, and coordination without adding muscle bulk. It focuses on using the core muscles (abdominals, back, gluteals, and hips) tocreate a sleek, long, lean, toned body. Clients who do Core Conditioning classes regularly feel they have better posture, are less prone to injury, and even claim to have less back pain.
What is Core Conditioning vs. Pilates?  
Pilates mat workouts usually refer to either Pilates mat classes which take you through a classic series of roughly 25 to 35 moves. Pilates is also done on machines such as the reformer, Cadillac, tower or chair. Core Conditioning classes are a unique mat workout that start with Pilates-based moves but add elements of strength training, yoga, and add props that take the classic moves to a new level to challenge the muscles and keep the workouts fresh and interesting.
I’ve tried Pilates classes before. Aren't they all the same?
No, Beth’s Core Conditioning classes have their own unique flair by incorporating a blend of classic Pilates, the latest strength training moves, and a few simple yoga poses thrown in. This hour-long class moves well beyond the classic teachings and is choreographed to a backdrop of awesome tunes. The use of your own body weight, medicine balls, and other small props, keeps the class incredibly challenging, varied, and anything but boring. The result will be a longer, leaner, toned body with improved posture and flexibility.  
What is a Barre class? Is it only for dancers?
Barre class is for anyone looking to lift and tone their bodies and you don’t have to have rhythm or flexibility to do it. It is an hour-long class that is a great total body workout that anyone can do. It focuses on the hard to workout areas such as hips, butts and thighs, but also targets the triceps and abdominal muscles. It uses the ballet barre to give you support while allowing you to get deeper into the muscles. Most people get to a point in the workout where their muscles get so fatigued that they shake. (This is a good thing.) It is choreographed to great music and it is a very fun hour that will leave you feeling that “good-tired.”  
I haven’t worked out in a while…
Any of our multi-level or beginner classes are extremely flexible exercise systems. Modifications to the exercises allow all levels to be included in the same workout. Start with modifications that you can perform comfortably, and increase the intensity as your body conditioning improves. All exercises can be modified to accommodate clients’ injuries or other physical restrictions. You might want to try a couple of the beginner classes first, then move into a mixed-level class.
I work out all the time. How can these classes help me?
Core Conditioning or Barre classes are the perfect complement to any cardio activity or strength training routine. By building core strength you will see remarkable improvements in all of your regular workouts. In addition, a consistent stretching routine will help keep your muscles fluid, help relieve tightness, and prevent injuries. And lets face it, who really stretches on their own anyway??
What is your relationship with Yoga Mandala?
Yoga Mandala and Core Elements are partners while maintaining their separate businesses. Each has its own studio at 750 Main Street, but they share a common reception area, waiting room and scheduling system. We also offer group discounts for those interested in taking both yoga and core classes.

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