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What They're Saying About Us


I love this class! It's challenging, upbeat, and it really works your core. Beth gives us all individual attention to ensure that we are positioned correctly, and the music she plays makes it fun! I'm ALWAYS glad I went! Pam

I always look forward to class with Beth; it's one of the most rejuvenating parts of my busy week. Her warm and supportive teaching style makes me feel instantly welcome each time I step on my mat. This, combined with the core strength and overall flexibility I've gained through her varied and challenging workouts, has made me a dedicated client for many years.
Rachel Whitehouse

Beth's pilates class is the perfect blend of strength and flexibility training. After just a couple of sessions my core was noticeably stronger and my leg muscles felt better stretched than they had in years.

Beth is a very talented instructor who motivates, challenges, and supports anyone lucky enough to be in her class. She makes every class fun, interesting and unique! Beth enthusiastically shares her knowledge of pilates, fitness and nutrition with her classes. Every class is an amazing workout that leaves you feeling great and looking forward to the next one!

I've been attending Beth's pilates classes for a little over one year. Beth's classes are welcoming to all skill levels while challenging each student with modification options. Beth is a warm, energetic and extremely knowledgeable teacher who has been instrumental in guiding me through each pilates workout. I would highly recommend Beth's classes to anyone who is interested in trying pilates for the first time or for the more advanced participant.
Rose T.

Beth is amazing…the class is always tough and challenging but I feel great when it's over!

I've drunk from the Beth Kool-Aid! I'm addicted!!
KC :)

Beth is an amazing instructor and her classes leave me feeling really well worked out. She works your core and limbs, and mixes it up so it's never boring. She plays great music and gives helpful hints about corrections individually. I also love that she incorporates stretching throughout the workout and especially at the end.

I have been taking Pilates with Beth since she began years ago in the basements around town. In those many years, every class with Beth has been different, interesting, challenging, fun and worth it. It is a fantastic workout and one that I look forward to and truly enjoy. She is a fabulous teacher with excellent "classroom management" who keeps her students focused, motivated and moving.

I'm loving your are amazing and I'm determined to get really good at push-ups! …you've got me hooked!!

Core conditioning with Beth has absolutely transformed by body and my life. I have been a long distance runner for over 20 years and had developed excruciating lower back pain due to the everyday pounding of running and lack of core strength. Since starting core conditioning with Beth, I have been able to eliminate my back pain completely and have greater upper body strength and flexibility as well. Beth’s classes are challenging, yet the exercises are always performed with great care to having proper technique and form, which can be lacking in some of the typical gym environments. As a 50-year-old marathon runner and aspiring triathlete, I feel that this has given me the ability to effectively train harder, and has lessened the risk of injury and muscular imbalances Especially as we age, I believe that this type of conditioning is essential to maintaining great posture, muscle tone, and in turn generate the youthfulness of having a strong core. In addition, Beth is very knowledgeable about every aspect of good health, including nutrition, and always offers great helpful hints and advice on how to maintain good health on a daily basis. As a teacher, Beth, is a role model for how to live life as a physically fit, healthy, active individual and with her positive attitude and patient teaching style, has inspired and motivated everyone of her students to be the best they can be.

Beth, thank you! You are an inspiration to me. Your classes are fun, hard and always a little bit different. I love the way you add new elements and keep us on our toes.

I have always considered myself to be in great physical condition, and thought I had a strong core.  After taking Beth’s core conditioning classes, I discovered deep abdominal muscles that I was not reaching—key in obtaining that next level of core fitness.  Whether it is your first class or your 50th, Beth never lets you compromise your form—it is the ability to cue her students to incorporate those muscles when there are so many surrounding muscles that want to do the work instead!  Once you are able to zero in on those core muscles, that is when the true core work begins.
Donna T.

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